Due to my own struggles (introversion, being highly sensitive/HSP) early on life, I became a life-long learner of 'thinking', motivation & human behavior and I can now guide others to learn how to develop goal attainment, self-acceptance/compassion and more positive thoughts processing.  We definitely can change our outlook on life, in order to achieve goals and improve our mental well-being.  Sometimes it just helps to be 'heard' by someone who will always have your best 'self' in mind; someone who will listen openly and with acceptance.
Let's talk soon to see if Generativity Coaching can help you learn the skills you need to help you succeed more in life.
My sessions with Lillian were helpful in several ways. She provided the support and guidance I needed to focus in on my goals and track them effectively. Lillian kept me excited and motivated to keep working towards them and I am very appreciative of her support. She continued to encourage me to push myself and set new standards for my wants and needs. Thank you for being such a wonderful coach Lillian!   JV


Lillian Powell, BA, MA

St. Ignatius, MT 59865


Tel: 406.407.1426


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