Life DevelopmentClarify where you are in life & where you want to go.  Learn the skills to set & achieve goals that matter to you; realize your abilities, self-limiting beliefs & learn how to become more self-motivated. 
Professional Development: Recognize/achieve professional goals; explore/determine career interests; reinvent your career.
Social Development: Explore the social & emotional aspects of life ; gain insight into social & personal interactions, relationships and communication; understand self-and-others behavior.


My sessions with Lillian were helpful in several ways. She provided the support and guidance I needed to focus in on my goals and track them effectively. Lillian kept me excited and motivated to keep working towards them and I am very appreciative of her support. She continued to encourage me to push myself and set new standards for my wants and needs. Thank you for being such a wonderful coach Lillian!   JC


Lillian Powell, MA

St. Ignatius, MT 59865


Tel: 406.407.1426

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