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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anais Nin

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ABOUT Lillian

I have been a life-long learner of human behavior & positive mental well-being and I have a passion for helping others to develop themselves and thrive.  

My many decades in the corporate sector, my years as a substitute teacher and school-based counselor, as well as my most fulfilling role as 'Mom', have led me to much knowledge & many relevant 'life lessons', that serve me in being a successful, certified life coach.

My educational path consists of a BA in Psychology (emphasis in learning & motivation) and an MA in Organizational Psychology (emphasis in leadership & engagement).  My coaching certification is through YCI (Youth Coaching Institute) and I am currently working on my certification through ICF (Int'l Coaching Federation, the 'gold standard' for coaching).

What sets me apart from other life coaches are my own rather difficult experiences growing up as a 'shy' kid & missing out on so many life opportunities (i.e. fun), due to being an HSP (highly sensitive person), introverted and an empath. Eventually, I came to see these traits as what they truly are, 'super powers'.  The ability to thrive, no matter what trait, is my ultimate goal with each and every client.


How I Can Help You?

  • Personal/social awareness & development for ages 18 and up.

    1 hr

    Prices vary.

  • Recent Grad? Reinventing yourself? Explore your best career/job fit.

    1 hr

    Prices vary.

  • Setting & achieving positive parenting goals.

    1 hr

    Prices vary.

“I found my sessions with Lillian to be extremely insightful. She was very patient with me as my goals transformed throughout our sessions. This pandemic has really set me back and I felt a bit lost. Through our conversations I was able to readjust my goals and to organize myself. Our sessions also motivated me to actively work towards my goal and forgive myself when I fell off track. Thanks again for the support Lillian!”




St. Ignatius, MT 59865


Tel: 406.407.1426

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